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Statement on March 18 Shooting on 40th Street

Centennial Parkside CDC Board of Directors and staff are deeply saddened by the shooting that took place on Saturday March 18 around 12am on the block of N. 40th Street between Poplar Street and Girard Avenue. We are reaching out to you, our fellow community members, to first check-in and acknowledge that every act of violence that takes place in our neighborhood is a tragedy felt by all. We extend our compassion and wishes for healing to the victims of this most recent gun violence. And we extend those same wishes for healing to every member of our community. 

Gun violence in Philadelphia is a citywide health crisis disproportionately affecting our Black and Brown neighbors. These acts of violence cause trauma for those directly and indirectly impacted, and we must take extra care of each other in the wake of such tragedies. And as we grieve and heal from this violation of our peaceful community, we can reflect on what makes East Parkside such a beautiful and caring place to live, and how we can come together to ensure it continues to be so for generations to come. 

As an organization dedicated to serving the East Parkside community, Centennial Parkside CDC will continue to stand with our neighbors in support of a safe, vibrant, and thriving East Parkside. One of our priority program areas is the revitalization, greening, and cleaning of the neighborhood commercial areas. We believe that by working in partnership with neighborhood businesses, property owners, and residents we can achieve our collective goals for our community. 

Centennial Parkside CDC commits to engaging local businesses on N. 40th Street and Girard Avenue to prevent future acts of violence in East Parkside. We will connect businesses to the City’s Business Security Camera Program, and bring resources such as de-escalation and the Stop the Bleed training to the neighborhood. In addition to our work related to the built environment, we will connect residents with anti-poverty resources such as employment services and financial planning, and with mental health and wellness programs. 

These actions are by no means quick fix solutions to the gun violence epidemic, but they are tools we can activate now and incremental steps we can take together towards a more peaceful future. 

If you, a loved one, or neighbor is in need of support connecting with any resources or services, especially as we recover from the recent violent incident, please reach out to Centennial Parkside CDC at info@centennialparkside.org You can also learn about anti-violence organizations and victims services at the websites below:


Up the Block

Office of Violence Prevention

Philadelphia Violence Prevention Hotline