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The Centennial Parkside CDC Proudly Announces the Release of its 2020 Annual Report

The year 2020 presented many challenges for so many people. As a result, the Centennial Parkside CDC made the decision to focus our mission to provide impactful services to the immediate needs of the residents of East Parkside. Many of the photos found in this annual report show our staff, board members, and volunteers at work in our community. For an organization that primarily focuses on long-term planning for a diverse and thriving community, reestablishing our priorities to ensure that our residents have basic needs met like food and shelter is quite the change. But through the dedication of our board, staff, and a wide-range of community volunteers, we met the challenges presented by a global pandemic and civil unrest through our emergency food distribution programs, youth-led conversations around racial justice, and anti-violence campaigns. These services—while not specifically identified in our strategic plan—are foundational to our mission. For we cannot preserve, promote, and revitalize East Parkside without ensuring that our most important asset—our people—are safe, healthy, and valued.